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Dental Insurance

The State of Rhode Island’s dental plan is administered by Delta Dental of Rhode Island.  Coverage for eligible employees who elect to participate in the dental plan is effective on the first day of state employment.  Dental elections and changes can only occur at the time of hire or during the annual open enrollment period unless a status change occurs during the year. 

The Dental Benefit Highlights provides a one page summary of the covered procedures, including orthodontia coverage. The How Your Delta Dental PPO Plan Works booklet provides useful information for utilizing your dental plan benefits.

In-network dentists will file your claims directly with Delta Dental while out-of-network claims will need to be filed on the Delta Dental Claim Form.

To find a participating dentist, print a replacement ID card, view claims history, or obtain other information regarding the state’s dental plan, go to Delta’s website at www.deltadentalri.com or call the toll-free customer service number on your Delta Dental ID card: 1-800-843-3582.