Enrollment Periods

Open Enrollment

Alert!Participate in Open Enrollment from November 1, 2017–Nov 30, 2017

Unless you are a new hire, a new retiree, or experiencing a status change, the annual open enrollment period is the only time when you can enroll in or make changes to the following benefits:

* Must re-enroll every year to maintain this benefit.

The OEB invites you to attend an Open Enrollment Fair between November 1, 2017–November 16, 2017 to make the most of the open enrollment period (November 1–November 30). Meet the vendors, ask questions, get free stuff!

Enrollment Outside of Open Enrollment

New hire
If you are a newly hired State employee, please visit your HR office within 31 days of hiring to enroll in your benefits. See New Employee Enrollment for more information.

Status change
If you experience a qualifying status change, you must submit the Health Coverage Enrollment/Status Change Form, along with any required supporting documentation, within 31 days of the occurrence of a qualifying status change in order to make coverage changes outside of open enrollment. See Status Change for more information, including a list of supporting documentation.

Benefits that you can enroll in or make changes to at anytime during the year

New retiree
If you are about to retire from State service, please visit Retiree Benefits to learn more about how your benefits may be affected.