CollegeBound Saver

CollegeBound Saver gives your family a simple way to save for college and vocational schools, with special features like:

  • Significant tax advantages
  • No minimum contribution amounts
  • Flexible investment choices
  • Easy online enrollment and account management
  • Ability to save through work with payroll direct deposit

If you work with a financial advisor, ask them about CollegeBound Saver, Rhode Island's advisor-sold 529 College Savings Plan.

The CollegeBound Saver program is administered through the Office of the General Treasurer. Click here for the CollegeBound payroll deduction instructions.

Note: You can make changes to your deductions at anytime during the year.

Learn more about CollegeBound Saver at or call 1-877-517-4829, Monday–Friday, 8am–8pm EST.