RIPTA Transit Passes


You may elect a pre-tax payroll deduction from your biweekly earnings to purchase and pay for transit passes issued by the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) (for your personal use only). The RIPTA transit passes may be used for bus transit services operated by RIPTA as well as for Providence LINK trolleys.

You can purchase any of the following RIPTA transit passes:

  • 10-Ride Pass @ $20 each—You can purchase a maximum of four 10-ride passes every second payday. (Four 10-ride passes X $20 = $80 or $40 payroll deduction each biweekly payday).
  • Monthly Pass @ $70 each—You can purchase a maximum of one monthly pass every second payday. (One monthly pass X $70 = $70 or $35 payroll deduction each biweekly payday).

Purchase/Distribution of RIPTA Passes

To purchase or to stop purchasing your RIPTA passes, please complete, sign and submit the RIPTA Payroll Deduction Form to your agency payroll office. Please submit this form roughly two months before the month in which you would need to use your RIPTA passes.

See the RIPTA Payment Schedule for the list of payment and pass effective dates.

If you are purchasing RIPTA passes, your agency payroll office will distribute the passes to you prior to the start of the month for which the passes will be effective.*

*Any unclaimed transit passes will be returned to RIPTA. It is your responsibility to obtain a refund directly from RIPTA (if permitted by RIPTA) for any unwanted or unused transit passes once a transit pass has been purchased via a payroll deduction.