Virgin Pulse

BCBSRI Virgin Pulse

As part of the Rewards for Wellness program, you have access to the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) wellness platform powered by Virgin Pulse. Virgin Pulse provides a wealth of tips, fun activities, and challenges to help you build healthy habits.

Review the Virgin Pulse program flyer to learn how you can get started and make the most of the Virgin Pulse offerings.

* Only active State of Rhode Island employees who are paying State medical co-share premium payments at the time of the incentive delivery are eligible to receive co-share credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Virgin Pulse?

  1. Download the Virgin Pulse app** through the Apple App Store® or Google Play®, or visit to sign up
  2. Select Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island as your sponsor
  3. Register for your account
  4. (Optional) Connect your Fitbit or other wearable device to track and sync steps with the app

** Standard mobile phone carrier and data usage charges apply. The downloading and use of the Virgin Pulse mobile app is subject to the terms and conditions of the app and the online stores from which it is downloaded.

Whom should I contact if I have difficulty registering, logging in, or syncing my device?
If you are experiencing system or access issues with Virgin Pulse, please call Virgin Pulse support at 888-671-9395 or email

What do I do once I log in to Virgin Pulse?
Explore all the activities that Virgin Pulse has to offer! You can customize activities based on your interests, whether it's sleeping better, getting more steps in, or managing your finances. Everything you do on Virgin Pulse earns you points, including:

  • Health Check Survey – Get a quick snapshot of your health and get tips on what areas you can improve upon. The Virgin Pulse Health Check Survey was formerly called the “Health Assessment".
  • Daily Cards – Tips to help you make health choices in all areas of your wellbeing.
  • Healthy Habits – Simple reminders to help you track your habits, from listening to calming music, to checking that you have enough veggies on your dinner plate, to reserving time for your hobby.
  • Personal Challenges – Set up challenges for yourself like walking the last block. You can also invite your friends!
  • Journeys – Accessible from the Programs Page or the Health tab; Journeys is a digital coaching tool designed to help you easily make changes to your health and wellbeing, one small step at a time. Use it to stress less, move more, sleep soundly, and much more!
  • Whil – Whil is a Virgin Pulse program geared toward stress and mental well-being. Access Whil’s extensive catalog of video and audio sessions to train practical, repeatable skills in bite-sized chunks.
  • Syncing a fitness device – Whether it's your smartphone or a device like Fitbit, sync it with Virgin Pulse to track your activities and earn points faster.

For a complete list of ways you can earn points, click “Ways to Earn” on the Virgin Pulse desktop home page or on the Virgin Pulse app. Explore all the activities to find ones that work best for you!

Virgin Pulse Ways to Earn page

How do the points and Rewards for Wellness incentive work?
You earn points whenever you complete an activity on Virgin Pulse. The more points you earn, the higher activity level you can reach, and the more you can earn in Rewards for Wellness co-share credits:

  • Earn $25/quarter for level 2 completion (5,000 points)
  • Earn $50/quarter for level 3 completion (10,000 points)
  • Earn $100/quarter for level 4 completion (15,000 points)

The maximum YEARLY incentive for Virgin Pulse activities is $100 (this excludes the Virgin Pulse Health Assessment, where you can earn an additional $50 upon completion). Whether you'd prefer to reach level 4 in one quarter or go slow and steady, you can choose the pace that works best for you while still reaching the max incentive. Please note: Points will reset to zero at the start of every quarter.

How can I check my progress?
To see which activity level you have reached, click "Rewards" on the Virgin Pulse page/app, then click "My Rewards". To see a detailed breakdown of completed activities and points earned, click "Rewards", then click "Statement".

If you need further assistance confirming activities completion in Virgin Pulse, please call the BCBSRI State of Rhode Island Employee CARE Center at 401-429-2104 and 866-987-3705. CARE Center hours are Monday–Friday, 8am–8pm and Saturday, 8am–12pm.

Virgin Pulse My Rewards page Virgin Pulse Statement page

Will my points roll over from quarter to quarter?
No. Points will reset to zero at the start of every quarter. If you are close to a rewards threshold in the current quarter, it would be a good idea to complete more activities and reach the next threshold before your points expire!

Whom should I contact if I have other questions about Virgin Pulse?

  • If you haven’t already, be sure to first review the Virgin Pulse program flyer for guidance on how to navigate the platform.
  • Please contact your local Wellness Champion, or
  • If you have other questions, please contact the BCBSRI State of Rhode Island Employee CARE Center at 401-429-2104 and 866-987-3705. CARE Center hours are Monday–Friday, 8am–8pm and Saturday, 8am–12pm