Retiree Benefits

Monthly Informational Meeting

Attend a Monthly Informational Meeting—held the first Thursday of each month—to learn more about State retiree benefits.

Medical & Prescription Coverage

General Eligibility Rule
To enroll in State-sponsored retiree health coverage, you must have been a State employee immediately prior to your retirement. For this purpose, "retirement" means formally retiring through ERSRI and having an ERSRI retirement effective date. Spouses, dependents, and public school teachers that retire through ERSRI are also eligible to enroll, but they are not eligible for any State subsidy towards the cost of their coverage.

Medicare Enrollment Rule
You are required by statute to enroll in Medicare when you are first eligible in order to participate in the State-sponsored retiree health coverage program. Initial Medicare eligibility is generally at age 65 but can be later if you are covered by employer-sponsored group health coverage due to your own or your spouse’s employment.

State Retiree*

Under Age 65
Learn about your State subsidies and health coverage options.

Age 65 and Over
Learn about your State subsidies and Medicare options.

* Judges should contact Judiciary Employee Relations at (401) 222-2700 for information regarding their retiree health coverage options.

ERSRI Disabled Retiree

Visit the Disabled Retiree page to learn about State subsidies and health coverage options that are specifically tailored to you.

Other Retiree Benefits

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