Benefits Enrollment

If you are enrolling in benefits before October 28, 2019, please follow the instructions below. If you are enrolling in benefits on or after October 28, 2019, please check back here on October 28 for updated instructions.

Click on the links below for instructions on how to enroll in your State benefits:

Health Benefits Enrollment

  1. Research your health benefit options
  2. Have your 14-digit PCP ID number(s) ready
    • Follow these Step-by-Step Instructions to find your 14-digit PCP ID number(s). Write down the number(s) so that you will be ready to enter them when you log in to OnlinEnroll. (Note: The 14-digit PCP ID number is not the same as the 10-digit NPI nnumber that physician offices often provide.)
  3. Make your elections via OnlinEnroll, the State's online enrollment system for health benefits
    • Log onto
      • User Name: First initial of your first name, your full last name (no hyphens, apostrophes, spaces or titles), last four digits of your SSN
        • Example: if your name is John O’Brien-Johnson, Jr. and the last four digits of your SSN are 1234, your user name would be “jobrienjohnson1234”
      • Password: First five digits of your SSN.
        • You will change this upon first login. Be sure to write down your new password!
      • Company: Rhode Island (not case sensitive; space between "Rhode" and "Island" is required)
    • Can't log into OnlinEnroll / need help resetting your password? Call the OnlinEnroll tech support line at (888) 327-2770 from 11am-8pm EST.
    • If you are adding a new dependent, be sure to review the ENROLLING DEPENDENT(S) section in Step 4 below for what you need to do to enroll them in coverage.
    • New employees: If you had entered the correct credentials but still could not log onto OnlinEnroll:
      1. Please contact your HR office to check whether your demographics information has been sent to OEB
      2. Contact OEB for further assistance
  4. When using OnlinEnroll, please note the following:
  5. › Disabling pop-up blocker

    OnlinEnroll will not function properly if your internet browser's pop-up blocker is enabled. If the pop-up blocker is enabled, you will see a yellow banner on the login screen. Be sure to disable the pop-up blocker before you proceed.

    Disable pop-up blocker

    If you see this yellow banner, disable your pop-up blocker!

    • If you are adding a new dependent, have supporting documentation scanned and ready for upload onto OnlinEnroll
      • If you not have access to a scanner, you can either:
        • Fax the supporting documentation to OEB at (401) 574-9281. You must use a fax cover sheet and clearly indicate your full name, date of birth, and last 4 digits of SSN. Without a fax cover sheet, the addition and enrollment of your dependent(s) may be delayed.
        • Take a clear picture of the supporting documentation with your smartphone and save it as a PDF with a max file size of 4096 KB. You can upload this PDF to OnlinEnroll.
    • Any added dependent will be pended for OEB review. You can continue enrollment, but be sure to submit supporting documentation by the time you have finished the OnlinEnroll process.
    • When you get to the medical/dental/vision enrollment sections, CHECK THE BOX next to any dependent in order to enroll them.
    • After completing all of your plan elections you will come to the Confirmation Statement. If you enrolled any dependent(s), be sure to check that their name(s) appear in the FUTURE ENROLLMENT SUMMARY section.
      • If your dependent(s) do not appear in Future Enrollment Summary, that means they are NOT enrolled! You must return to the enrollment sections and check the box(es) next to their name(s).
    › Regarding coverage for ex-spouses

    (Not applicable to new employees)

    When you log into OnlinEnroll, if your ex-spouse is currently covered, you will see that their relationship status is "Spouse."

    • If you are divorced and your ex-spouse has been continuously covered under your plan since before January 1, 2014, and you intend to continue that coverage in 2019, please do not change your ex-spouse’s relationship status to "Ex-Spouse." If you change the status to "Ex-Spouse" they will be ineligible for coverage, any current coverage will be terminated and COBRA will be offered.
    • If you wish to remove your ex-spouse from coverage, change their relationship status to "Ex-Spouse."
    • Please note that ex-spouses not continuously covered since before January 1, 2014 are ineligible for coverage.
    › Reviewing & updating PCP(s) in OnlinEnroll

    See the instructions below if you want to review and update your PCP(s) designation in OnlinEnroll.

    How to find and update your PCP in OnlinEnroll
  6. OnlinEnroll support:
    • If you are having difficulty using OnlinEnroll, review the OnlinEnroll Employee Self-Service Guide.
    • If you cannot log into OnlinEnroll / need to reset your password, please call the OnlinEnroll tech support line at (888) 327-2770 from 11am-8pm EST.

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FSA Enrollment

  • New hires: After you select your medical, dental and vision coverages in OnlinEnroll, you will have an opportunity to fill out and upload an FSA Enrollment Form while you are in the system.
  • Active employees – open enrollment: Log onto to enroll.
  • Active employees – status change: Complete the FSA Enrollment Form and submit it via email () or fax (401-574-9281).
  • Registering your account
    • Once you are enrolled in an FSA, you will receive an FSA card in the mail. At that time, you should register your account online at You will need the following information:
      • Company code: RHI
      • First initial and last name
      • Date of birth
      • Email address
  • 2019 contribution limits:
    • General purpose health care FSA: $2,700
    • Limited purpose health care FSA: $2,700
    • Dependent day care FSA: $5,000 (individuals and married couples filing jointly); $2,500 (married couples filing separately)

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HSA Payroll Deduction

Only applicable if you are enrolled in the Anchor Choice Plan with HSA

  • If you enroll in the Anchor Choice Plan with HSA, a health savings account (HSA) will be automatically opened for you.
  • The State contributes up to $1,500/$3,000 for individual/family coverage each plan year*
  • To make additional voluntary contributions via payroll deductions**:
    • New hires: Obtain and submit the HSA Employee Payroll Deduction Authorization Form using OnlinEnroll
    • Active employees: Complete the HSA Employee Payroll Deduction Authorization Form and submit it via email ( ) or fax (401-574-9281).
  • 2019 contribution limits (including any contributions from the State):
    • Individual coverage: $3,500
    • Family coverage: $7,000
    • Additional catch-up contribution for age 55 and over: $1,000

* Contributions are made biannually with half deposited on January 1 and the other half deposited on July 1. The State’s HSA contributions are not pro-rated for employees that enroll after those dates.
** You may make changes to your HSA contribution at any time during the year.

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Supplemental Benefits Enrollment

› Deferred Compensation

Click here if you want to learn more about deferred compensation.

The State offers investment options from three providers: Fidelity, TIAA, and Voya

You may enroll in the 457 Plan at any time during the year.

To enroll in the 457 Plan, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Retirement@Work account to choose your investment provider(s) and salary deferrals. If you are a new employee, you will not be able to access Retirement@Work until you receive your first paycheck.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts and visit the website(s) of the investment provider(s) you choose to complete your account set-up, including fund selections and assigning your beneficiaries. If you don't complete your account set-up with each investment provider you selected, your contributions will either reject or be directed to an age-appropriate target date fund.

If you have any enrollment-related questions, please call Retirement@Work at (855) 200-0135.

› Group Life Insurance

Click here if you want to learn more about group life insurance.

Basic life insurance
You are automatically enrolled in the Basic group life insurance and premiums are deducted from your paycheck unless you waive coverage by submiting the Employee Group Life Insurance Form to your HR office during one of the following periods:

Supplemental life insurance
You can enroll in Supplemental life insurance by submitting the Employee Group Life Insurance Form to your HR office during one of the following periods:

If you want to add Supplemental coverage at a later date, or if you initially waived all coverage and want to elect some level of coverage at a later date, you are a late applicant and you will need to apply for coverage using the above enrollment form and then submit evidence of insurability (EOI) to Aetna when prompted. Life insurance coverage for late applicants is not effective unless and until Aetna approves the application. The EOI process is handled entirely by Aetna.

› Legal Services
› Short-term Disability Insurance

Click here if you want to learn more about short-term disability insurance.

Please contact the Aflac or Colonial Life RI office to enroll or obtain additional information regarding coverage options and plan costs:

  • Aflac: Call (401) 475-9936, ext. 130 and indicate that you are a State of Rhode Island employee
  • Colonial Life: Call (866) 349-8011 or visit VisitYouville RI
› CollegeBound Saver

Click here if you want to learn more about CollegeBound Saver.

The CollegeBound Saver program is administered through the Office of the General Treasurer. Click here for the CollegeBound payroll deduction instructions.

Note: You can make changes to your deductions at anytime during the year.

› RIPTA Transit Passes

Click here if you want to learn more about RIPTA transit passes.

To purchase or to stop purchasing your RIPTA passes, please complete, sign and submit the RIPTA Payroll Deduction Form to your agency payroll office. Please submit this form roughly two months before the month in which you would need to use your RIPTA passes.

See the RIPTA Payment Schedule for the list of payment and pass effective dates.

If you are purchasing RIPTA passes, your agency payroll office will distribute the passes to you prior to the start of the month for which the passes will be effective.*

*Any unclaimed transit passes will be returned to RIPTA. It is your responsibility to obtain a refund directly from RIPTA (if permitted by RIPTA) for any unwanted or unused transit passes once a transit pass has been purchased via a payroll deduction.

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If You Need Assistance

  • For general enrollment-related questions, contact the Office of Employee Benefits at or call (401) 574-8530.
  • If you have questions about plan coverage specifically, contact the plan administrators:

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